How can I cure the bumps on the nose of my horse?

There can be many reasons for acquiring bumps on the nose of your horse.
First let's look at where you feed your horse. Do you feed in a stall or pasture? Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have a weed called stinging nettles. The oil from the leaves will cause you to itch. We humans have a thin skin and we don't tolerate the oil. A horse has a thicker skin and a good hair coat to guard against. the nettles. However,  the nose is very sensitive and exposed to the elements. Those nettles can bite!
Another reason for bumps on the nose can be from your choice of hay. For many "grass" type hay, a chemical called Nitrate is used. Many horses can have an allergy type reaction. That reaction can be just a few bumps to a complete ulcerated mouth inside and nitrate creates more crops and a brighter green. As a consumer....the more green isn't always best. 

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