Fireworks & Thunderstorms

Is 4th of July a nightmare for you and your pet? If so, you are not alone!!  So many pets run away and try to hide during these few days of terroir. I've known people that turn up music so loud you can't hear yourself talk! There are  plenty of methods and suggestions when you research.  I want to give you some information on proven methods with my friends.
Have you heard of a Thundershirt? There are many success stories using the Thundershirt for dogs and cats. However, there are others that need just a bit more. This is where I can help. Using the Thundershirt along with an essential oil can completely change the story. Sometimes for ever!  And other times the essential oil is all they need. I am offering a free sample of a blend we call Serenity by doTERRA. It's a lavender blend and very calming.  For your horse you can diffuse in your barn or just apply a couple drops where they eat. Trust me. They will smell the essential oil. Or you can apply a drop or two to a shoelace and tie it on your horses halter.  If your only using the halter for a short duration, you can apply directly to the halter. You have to start with the essential oil method before you have a problem. You want your pet to associate the smell with a positive experience, not when they are stressed out. You are teaching the brain to react differently to those situations that bring on the anxiety. Let me help you be the best animal owner you can be. Your love will shine through. Send me an email today to get your free sample. By the way....there is no obligation. Only a commitment of trying the product and giving me your feedback. Good or bad. Oh, and ask me questions! That's my job and commitment to you. Here is a great diffuser recipe you can use in your home or the barn:
2 drops Copaiba
2 drops Vetiver
2 drops Serenity blend from doTERRA 
Optional Lavender
Add essential oils to a water bath diffuser on the intermittent setting. Leave the door open so animals can come and go. This recipe is safe with cats and birds. The bird cage should be opposite side of the room with the door open.
Purchase recipe essential oils here:

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